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How to Get Rid of Rats

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Rat on hind legs is black and white sketch

Rats are a highly intelligent rodent which can be very adaptable to change. They can store each and every path they take in their memory. They can work perfectly in a team, and they are the most persistent species of the world. They are perfect hunters and can consume any food or water resource they find, and they populate in almost all ecosystems of the world. The genus Rattus possesses almost 64 species present all across the world. These species grows uncountably resulting in a huge number of rat population.

The most prominent feature of their family rodent is a pair of a sharp incisor in their upper jaw. These incisors help them in gnawing hard material, and they continue to grow throughout their life. Chewing hard material trims their teeth and assists in keeping them in the right length. If they do not chew and trim their teeth, they will grow tremendously resulting in rat’s death due to weakness and starvation.

When young, mice might look similar to rats because of similarity of their appearance. However, rats contain exceptionally long feet and head and their teeth marks are also larger than those of mice. Rats are one of the most frightening pests that can be found all over the world. They can cause irreversible damage to people’s property. Though rats are not easy to distinguish from other rodents or mice, the sign of their existence in particular area can easily be identified.


Signs of Infestation

It becomes a bit difficult to look for signs of infestation because rats can not be seen during the daytime. They stay hidden inside their habitation and come out only if forced or having any contest with other rats. Anyhow, if rats are coming out during the day time too, then it means there is very large rat population residing inside your property. To check for further signs of rat infestation, one should follow these steps:

  • One should check the presence of any type of nests or burrows near attics, trees, and foundation of the building.
  • By hearing to the different type of noises produced inside a locality, one can easily get an idea about the rat infestation. Different sounds like scratching nest building or hitting sound can be heard that can give a person a signal about the rat infestation.
  • It is mandatory for rats to chew different types of soft and hard materials. Therefore, to check for rat infestation, one should look for chewing and gnawing marks around their locality.
  • Rat infestation can also be found through their rubbing marks. As walking through different parts, rats walks beside corner resulting in rats’ body oil marks on walls and corners.
  • The most important thing that can help in finding the sign of rat infestation is their droppings. They normally produce many feces, and through the quantity of these droppings, one can easily get an idea about their population.

How to Get Rid of Rats

1. Inspection and Location

To get rid of rats, firstly their location should be identified. Inside the home or a building, they can hide in the attic, ground floor, cabinets, and other hidden corners. While outside the building, they can be found near trees, inside bushes and gardens, wood piles and near a heap of debris. To kick them out of the locality, their proper location should be inspected properly.

2. Exclusion

Rats can be excluded by removing shelter and food resources, and mainly by closing all small openings that are making the entrance for rats easier. Rats should be excluded by closing all small holes and openings through chalk, wood, steel or other hard material. All water pipes and drains should have a well-fitted net with the openings of even less than half of an inch. Frames of all doors and windows should be fine and closed tightly.

3. Trapping or Baiting

To reduce the population of rats, following two methods trapping and baiting should be applied. In trapping, one should place enough number of traps inside the home. Some traps should be placed according to the number of their population. Greater the number of traps, less time it would take to remove all rodents. Traps should be placed beside walls, and those areas revealed most affected by rats on the result of the inspection. This method is safe and effective as it does not involve usage of poisonous material and prevent rats’ odor too by manual removal of rats.

The baiting method involves giving poison to rats by preparing some tempting bait for rats. This method is mostly useful for outdoor rat populations. Baits are placed at highly visited areas, and rats on eating these baits get expired.


Effective Prevention

After removing already present rat population, following preventive methods should be applied to prevent rats from entering the locality in future:

  • All types of garbage and trash should be disposed of properly. If such garbage is left hanging around the house, then rats will get a good reason to dwell at home.
  • All food items should be sealed properly. If anything is left open, it will attract rats to stay at that place.
  • Openings of garage, chimneys, and vents should be sealed properly to prevent rats from entering and infesting the area.
  • Adequate cleanliness is the most important thing to keep rats away from any area. If the area is properly cleaned and no open food source is available, then rats will not even enter that area.

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Attentive with a Daily Outlook for Health Improvement

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Good health is an overall concept that harmonizes mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Having a fit body is as much essential as is having a stable mind and a sense of profound happiness. Achieving this essential harmony is a matter of maintaining a daily outlook of positivity and working hard to maintain it.

For the sake of simplicity, you can classify your health regimen into diet and exercises. In addition, include recreational hobbies such as painting, reading, writing, sewing, or anything else that satisfies your soul. Maintain a balance of spending time with yourself and socializing. Just like partying all the time can diminish your connection with yourself, spending all your time alone makes you go out of touch of the human connection of friends and relatives. So, somewhere you always have to strike a balance for your well being.

This is not a difficult thing to achieve. Once you have the desire to be well, simply apply it in your activities arranged in a good daily routine. Maintaining this regular discipline is vital as it serves as an automatic motivation by itself, encouraging you to keep well.

Getting rid of laziness   

Laziness has to be the most obvious, yet the most understated of vices hampering well-being. It prevents you from getting up in the morning, affects the willingness to stay well, makes the mind dull, and resists the motivation to train in the gym. Simply remember that whenever you got to do anything fruitful, you need to overcome this internal barrier again and again. Essentially, the only way to beat it is to realize that it is not good and keep working on your realization actively.

Always keep alive your inbuilt momentum and deny the temptations to lie down or chill out unnecessarily. Remember that one must even earn repose and it is not anything that you should take for granted. Kindly forgive the language, but being a ‘couch potato’ gets you nowhere except into a dull dissatisfaction heavy on the mind. This depressive feeling also makes you heavily dependent on junk food, thereby only adding to your worries.

Once you identify your traits of laziness beyond the self-manipulation (that it is alright) and denial (that you are not lazy), actively work against them with gusto. The results may not show in a single day, but keep up with the efforts. Once you achieve the activity quotient you wish, work hard to maintain it from one day to the next. As for rest, set a specific time for getting to bed and waking up (careful with the snooze switch). Weekends are times for relaxing and use the weekdays to pack in as much activity as you can. 

A personalized diet

Plan your diet from a personalized viewpoint. Begin with setting your goals? Do you want to lose weight, or gain some, or rather still, be just as you are now? Remain flexible with these objectives as per changing requirements. For instance, in case you see you lost too much weight, put a pause to your current diet and change it for the reverse. So, here are a few general tips to set up neat food habits for the fit.

  • Never fill yourself up with food. Whatever you eat, always keep a little bit of dissatisfaction (positively). It is good for you as it keeps you light and helps the body to digest the food well.
  • Plan the diet practically. Fat is not your enemy, but excess fat is. Some vitamins are fat soluble as well, and you may want that extra layer of butter with your boiled carrots. Include veggies for vitamins but do not go over the limit. An excess of anything, even vitamins is not advisable. (Point to note: They are micronutrients, requiring only a slight amount.)
  • About the sugar, intake only that much carbohydrate that your body can burn without storing as excess fat. Keep your personal BMR in mind while you schedule these things.
  • As for animal protein, avoid too much spicy food all the time. The occasional indulgence is okay, but not always. If it is possible, avoid animal protein. People who practice veganism testify that they do not lack essential proteins. Besides, a vegetable oriented diet is more peaceful for the mind because you are already sacrificing your greed for flesh. There are ethical concerns. However, cooked poultry and cattle meat has been a part of the normal staple diet since the caveman days, so as such there is nothing wrong with it.

Just go easy on it and try to avoid the obsession to use your canines all the time. It eventually diverts to junk food addiction and leads to liver problems along with constipation. Finally, drink plenty of water. It is undoubtedly the best natural solution for detoxifying. Staying hydrated also means that your blood circulation is working fast, which means better absorption of the essential nutrients into the body.

Photo by Jessica To’oto’o on Unsplash

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