What are Your Big Rocks?

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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.
—Stephen Covey

Step 1. Choose four “big rocks” (high priority action items) that you could put in your schedule on a regular basis to support your healing. Check out my previous post Take Charge Day 24: Put First Things First for examples and a detailed description of the brilliant “big rocks” time management metaphor made famous by Stephen Covey.

Step 2. Choose the one big rock that will be the least difficult to fit into your schedule, then note on your calendar when you can do it regularly, particularly this coming week. Maybe it’s exercising three mornings per week. Maybe it’s making a salad at home for lunch every day. Write it into your calendar as a fixed appointment. Let your family members and coworkers know, if necessary, to avoid being distracted.

Step 3. Tell someone who cares about your health that you are going to do this thing next week. Then, set a time to check in with him or her at the end of next week to report on how you did. Accountability is everything.

Step 4. Put another note in your calendar for two or three weeks from now, to add the next big rock into your calendar, and so on, until you’ve got all your big rocks in your schedule. Don’t get discouraged if you put a big rock in your calendar and it “falls out” several times. It takes lots of trial and error to readjust your routines. There are some great suggestions of how to do that in Practice 5, Create Order.

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