Quote Typographical Background, vector design. "Life is 10% whatThe secret to miraculous healing is . . .  Well, there are lots of things that lead to major healing and none of them are secret.  But, one key is taking total responsibility for your own healing, as opposed to looking for someone to do it for you. This can mean the difference between a life full of suffering and a life full of joy.

Fiona Maazel, who has Ulcerative Colitis and spent six years searching for relief from her debilitating symptoms, models this beautifully in a recent piece in O Magazine, entitled “How Far Would You Go to Feel Better?  One Woman’s Incredible Search for a Cure.”  When doctors couldn’t cure her, she blazed her own trail and tried one alternative treatment after another until she found a diet-based approach that resolved her symptoms entirely.  She went from being in terrible pain and tied to a toilet all day to being symptom-free. It wasn’t easy, but she learned that, if you want to achieve a full healing, you often need to take matters into your own hands.

At one point in my six-year illness, I made monthly visits to a homeopath whose remedies were only marginally helpful, but whose no-nonsense analyses of my life were major revelations.  During the same period that I was seeing him, I was also seeing an acupuncturist twice a week in the hopes that she could get my Chi flowing again and bring my old energy back, as she promised. (I had already seen several conventional medical doctors who had neither a diagnosis nor a suggested treatment for my years of flu-like symptoms.) When my homeopath heard that I was spending over $100 and three hours every week to see my acupuncturist, he looked at me sternly and said, “You need to stop running to Mama for your Chi.”


At the time, that just made me mad. In fact, I stopped seeing the homeopath before I stopped seeing my acupuncturist.  But, he was right.  I did need to stop running to mama for my Chi.  I needed to take responsibility for healing myself.   Once I made the decision that I was ultimately responsible for my own healing, and that I was willing to work hard, make sacrifices and take risks to get there, my full recovery was only a year away.

“Right,” you say, “but that’s about homeopaths and acupuncturists and all that alternative stuff.  Ideally, we find a good physician whom we trust and follow his or her direction, right?”  Well – It’s really nice when that works, but often that’s just not good enough to get you truly healthy. With most chronic health conditions, if you want to achieve a full healing it takes more than that.

Here are three important lessons that I learned the hard way.


1. Doctors don’t heal you.  You heal you.

The word “doctor” comes from the latin docore, “to teach.”  A doctor is a teacher; someone from whom we can gain valuable information.  Thank God for these “teachers.”  Every day, especially in acute health crises, doctors use their knowledge and skills to help save lives.

But, the reality is that doctors (or chiropractors or acupuncturists or nutritionists or reiki practitioners, etc . . .) don’t heal us.  We heal us. Even if you get healthy after following a health care provider’s directions, receiving a treatment, or having surgery, they did not heal you. You healed yourself.  Your body healed itself, with the help of medicines, supplements, treatments, and lifestyle changes recommended by health care professionals, whom you chose as your advisors and whose advice you chose to follow.  All different types of health care providers can help you move towards healing, but ultimately it is up to you to 1) find the right ones, and 2) put their knowledge into practice. And it is up to your body to do the physical work of healing.


2.  Any single health care provider has limited information to share with you.

Again, I don’t mean to degrade medical physicians.  Some of my best friends are doctors.  Physicians help people overcome major illness every day.  However, every health care provider, whether she is a brain surgeon or an energy healer is operating within a certain paradigm based on her world view and how she was trained.  If you are not getting as healthy as you would like, throw open the door to a wider variety of treatment options than one provider can offer.

Even if a particular provider does happen to have a breadth of information in areas like yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, or experimental treatments, he is probably not going to be able to share much of it with you because your appointment is only 15-30 minutes and there are other things to cover.  The reality is that it’s up to you to uncover the wide variety of treatments, physical exercise and lifestyle changes that could help you heal.


3.   Everybody has their own unique path to health.

When doctor’s recommend a treatment for a serious illness, they often explain how likely it is to work with sentences like, “Over 60% of people treated with this medicine respond positively and have a full recovery.”  That’s wonderful that it works for so many people.  That also means that the standard of care for that particular illness doesn’t work for 40 out of 100 people.

Everybody’s genetic makeup, life situation, disease load, attitude, and lifestyle are different.  So, what works for one person may not work for another.  The good news is that if a certain treatment doesn’t work for you, there are many more options out there for you. It does requires a leap of faith, good advisors, and emotional and logistical support to get out there and try them.


Lastly, the key to all of this is fierce confidence that you can heal – confidence that even if you fall down and have to get back up a hundred times, there is a path to health for you.  As Fiona Mazell wrote it in her article about healing from ulcerative colitis “In the end my leap of faith had  . . . more to do with believing this illness could not be what the universe had decided should be my life.  That there had to be something better for me out there. After all, the heart of advocating for yourself is believing that good fortune is always right around the corner, so long as you keep looking.”  May you find your good fortune around the very next corner!  I’m rooting for you.

The best part about all this is that once you do this; once you take full responsibility for getting healthy and decide to stop at nothing until you succeed, you have built up that “Take Charge” muscle and can apply it to other areas in your life.  So, when you do get your health back, you will be an unstoppable force of nature, even more powerful and less daunted by the curve balls life throws you than you were before.


What do you think?  I’d love to hear.  Comment below or email me at janette@HealforRealNow.com.


Warm wishes for health and joy,