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I’m in Denial. How About

I’m in Denial.  How About You?
I was sitting here having a hard day in the middle of a hard week, when I thought, “I need to post about this. This affects everybody with a chronic health condition all the time.”  What am I talking about? I am talking about Denial. I am deep in it.  (Or, at least, I was…

You? A Morning Person?

You?  A Morning Person?
I’m going to reset my clock and become a morning person again.  Are you with me? I am a night owl.  I love playing or working in the middle of the night and generally feel like I have been hit by a truck every morning when my alarm goes off.  My husband, David, and my…

Some Powerful Emotions

Some Powerful Emotions
We all like to think of ourselves as rational people who make decisions based on what is best for us in the long run.  Sometimes I actually do that.  But, often I don’t.  I yell at my sons when I know it’s not helpful.  I hit the “Next Episode” button on Netflix when heading to…