The phrase Own It in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board

It will never rain roses. When we want to have more roses, we must plant more trees.

– George Eliot –

Over the years, I have met countless amazing people who have healed from, or vastly improved their lives while living with, every health challenge imaginable.

Every one of them has something in common. They take complete responsibility for their well-being. Instead of asking others, “What can you do for me?” they ask themselves, “What can I do for myself?”

You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination, but being sick, overweight, or in pain can make that hard to believe. You may feel terrible and have a hard time doing the basic activities of daily life. Plus, most of us have been taught from childhood to look outside of ourselves for healing. Take the cherry-pink syrup for a headache. Take the orange-flavored stuff for a cough.

This practice, Take Charge, is about uncovering how powerful you can be in your own healing. It’s about noticing how precious you are, setting ambitious goals, making more time for self-care, advocating for yourself, and exploring new options that could transform your life. I imagine you have done a lot of that already. And I know it can be hard. Let’s explore together how to dig down, do even more, and achieve the kind of health you dream about.


This post is the first in a series of excerpts from the first section, Take Charge, of my new book, Everyday Healing. To start your journey on Day 1 and read the whole book: Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge and Get Your Health Back . . . One Day at a Time please visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble  or your local independent bookstore to pick up your copy today.

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