bigstock-My-new-life-chapter-one-concep-53641333After my last blog post about falling off my healing wagon and struggling to climb back on, a bunch of people asked the obvious question: “Exactly what was the healing path that got you back to complete health?” Fair question. I call my healing path the “Hippocrates, Plant-based, Detoxifying, Juicing, Body-Moving, Joyful Living Program.” In this post, I will fill you in on what that means.

But, before I do, two disclaimers:
1. By sharing my healing path, I am not recommending it to everyone. I do think that many elements of it would be immensely healing to almost anyone, particularly adding more fresh vegetables into your diet.  My goal as an author and coach is not to convince you to eat a plant-based diet.  I recognize that there are many paths to health and aim to help everybody find their own unique path and stick to it, whatever that might be.  I am sharing this information now because people often ask for details about my healing path and I want to make this information available to them.

2. This particular path is amazingly healing and life-giving. It is also logistically and emotionally difficult, especially in the beginning. So, if you want to try it out, in addition to checking in with your trusted health care providers, I strongly recommend that you work on increasing your commitment, connection, confidence, emotional wellbeing, and organization before you dive in. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself frustrated and unsuccessful. There are many ways to do that.  One option – You can check out the Heal for Real Quiz here to see how well you are set up with all that right now. And, I am happy to help you set yourself up for success for whatever healing path you choose through my six-week course or individual coaching.




In July of 2008, I did the three-week Life Change Program at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida, after spending six years trying numerous conventional and alternative treatments including antibiotics, hormones, talk therapy, other diet changes, IV infusions, acupuncture and herbs, just to name a few. The Life Change Program did actually change my life. Below is the way that I followed the Hippocrates Program for two years after that three-week program to really cement my wellness. It provided my body with a huge amount of enzymes, protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a regular diet can’t replicate.  By giving my body that level of nutritional support and doing some detoxifying practices as well, I kicked up my immune system so that it could handle whatever it was that was wrong with me and bring me back to full health.



Primarily Raw and Plant-based. That meant:
• Lots of hearty salads with great dressings, some dehydrated items, many wraps in big green leaves and riceless sushi rolls wrapped up in nori.
• Lots of veggies in dips like raw hummus, walnut pate, pesto, or guacamole.
• Lots of sea vegetables.
• Lots of sprouts – sunflower seed, snowpea, broccoli are some of my favorites.
• Lots of sprouted beans – mung, adzuki and lentil – mainly in salads or blended into pates with spices.
• Some grains (quinoa, millet and amaranth) and steamed vegetables or baked yams or squash once or twice per week.
• Fatty items like nuts or avocados only once or twice per week
• I juiced and drank 2 oz of wheatgrass twice a day.
• I juiced and drank a 16 – 20 oz green drink made of cucumbers, celery and sunflower or snowpea sprouts twice a day.
• No wheat, meat, dairy, or sweetener of any kind, including fruit. (I had fruit-based raw desserts one per week.)



I aimed to do as much physical exercise (stretching, cardio and strengthening) as I could each day. In the beginning that meant 15 minutes of gentle Qi Gong sitting in a chair. By the end, I was running three miles a day or doing one hour of vigorous Qi Gong. I also tried to spend as much time outside as possible, preferably in the sun.



This can get into the area of “Too Much Information.”   If you are really interested in this, please email me at and I will happily send you a list of the detoxifying practices I used.



I don’t remember all of the suplements I took during those first two years. But, the main ones are a good multi-vitamin, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. All were vegan and made from whole foods.



I got a lot of emotional support in a variety of ways to ward off depression, frustration and anxiety during that time.  In particular, I did a great deal of healing work to address old traumas and fears, which helped a great deal.  I changed my general outlook from being a cynic to being more of an optimist, developed a fierce confidence in my own ability to heal, and worked a great deal on both being mindful – living in the present – and visioning – imagining a great future for myself.
That was my path to health. Whatever yours is, I believe that, with enough commitment, confidence, support, and emotional wellbeing, you can find it, commit to it, and have a healthy and joyful future.
As always, I’d love to hear from you. Please be in touch in the comments below or by email here.
Warm wishes for health and joy,