Virtually all of my coaching clients say something like this in their first session with me:

“I eat a Reasonably Healthy Diet.”

By that, they usually mean that they eat lots of vegetable and whole grains, and limit red meat, added sugars, and junk food.  That’s great!

The truth is, however; that there is a Reasonably Healthy Diet and then there are Healing Diets.  

If you just need to lose some weight or address one or two symptoms, a reasonably healthy diet, with a couple tweaks like cutting out added sugar, alcohol or gluten, could be the right eating plan for you.

If, however; your health conditions are more numerous and systemic like MS, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, significant excess weight or other chronic conditions, you may need a Healing Diet to make a real difference.


What do I mean by a “Healing Diet?”

A Healing Diet is an eating plan that is designed to cut out potential toxins and significantly increase the enzymes, phytonutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that your digestive and immune systems need to function at full throttle and do the healing your body needs.

A Healing Diet (except the Mediterranean diet) usually cuts out all added sugar, alcohol, dairy, and artificial food additives of any kind.

A Healing Diet also usually adds in powerful healing elements into your diet like sprouts, green juices, fermented vegetables, or bone broth.

When you find the right Healing Diet for you, it has the potential to transform your whole body and life. I know. That was certainly my experience with the raw foods diet that healed my six-year illness.


6 Healing Diets

Below are links to descriptions of 6 Healing Diets that I have witnessed bring about enormous healing in people with chronic health conditions of all kinds.


DISCLAIMER #1: I am not recommending any of these diets for you. I am offering these links so you can begin exploring them for yourself.

DISCLAIMER #2:  Always check with an open-minded and responsible health care professional when making any major changes to your diet.


Raw, plant-based diet


Body Ecology Diet






Feast Without Yeast




Lastly, to help you apply all this to your own life, here are:


4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Which do I need right now to achieve my health goals -a reasonably healthy diet with a few tweaks or a Healing Diet?

2. Which Healing Diet – or tweaks to a reasonably healthy diet – do I want to research first?

3.  What steps can I take to begin doing that research online or in-person with professionals?

4. What support can I get from health care professionals, in-person groups, online forums, family, friends and co-workers to help me learn about and implement a change in my eating to get my healthiest?

Bon apetit and warm wishes for good health!