Ambitious Health Goals1Commitment – The Secret Sauce!

Commitment – really prioritizing your healing – is a key ingredient to getting your health back.  I thought I had committed fully to getting healthy many times until I really dove in full force and made the changes I needed to get totally healthy.  Before that, I had changed my diet, quit my job, and tried a zillion treatments.  But, I hadn’t really decided to get totally well, no matter what it took.  Once I did that, everything began to shift.  I was able to take on tougher lifestyle changes and remain positive in the face of setbacks in ways that I had never done before because I was fueled by a fierce determination to get totally well and the complete conviction that I could do it.


How do you create that kind of commitment? One important first step is clarifying exactly what it is that you want to commit to, and making it something awesome that will light a fire under your tush every day to keep pursuing it.  This can be done by creating an “Ambitious Health Goal.”  Pictured above are the gorgeous Ambitious Health Goals of one of my current coaching clients who is healing from Chronic Lyme Disease.   These are powerful tools to get us moving forward.  Here’s why . . .


Stephen Covey, the author of the world famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People taught that we all need clear goals and strategies, just like a pilot needs a flight plan.  Without the destination and route outlined in a flight plan, a pilot would travel aimlessly through the skies and wind up at a random destination.  Similarly, without a specific goal in mind and a plan of how to get there, we tend to wander aimlessly through our lives without achieving our dreams.  That doesn’t mean that having a flight plan guarantees a smooth trip.  Weather, turbulence, air traffic, human error and other factors send planes off course frequently during their flights, requiring regular re-adjustments to arrive safely at the destination. Having a clear goal and plans to achieve them enables us to keep moving forward towards our goal, even when life’s challenges throw us temporarily off course.


When we are talking about pursuing health goals, we are definitely talking about a journey.  What is your destination and how are you going to get there?



Create Your Flight Plan

1. Your Destination

You probably have a pretty good idea of how you would like to improve your health.  You can distill that into a goal that will inspire you every day.  To make your goal a powerful motivator, make it 1) positive, 2) ambitious, 3) specific and 4) use the words “so that” at the end to remind you why it is important to you achieve this goal.  Here are some examples:


I will eradicate cancer from my body, recover fully, and feel strong and energetic so that I can spend many more decades with my family.


I will heal my sore knee so that I can run and dance comfortably without pain or re-injury.


I will lose 60 pounds and get off my medications for X, Y, and Z so that I can engage fully in life.


I will be pain-free and energetic so that I can excel at my work and parent the way I was meant to.


Now, think about what health challenge you are facing right now, imagine how you want it to be fully resolved, and write your health goal here.  Remember – Be ambitious.  If you doubt your ability to achieve it now, don’t worry.  You are going to work on increasing your commitment to this goal, your confidence that you can achieve it, and your support to get it done in the coming chapters.


I will _____________________________________________________

so that __________________________________________________.


2. Your healing path

Now that you have your destination, you can begin creating a route to get you there.  To get started, think about the first steps you need to take to get to your destination – to your ambitious goal above.  Unlike the goal above, these first steps do not need to be ambitious.  They can be modest, doable tasks that may feel a bit stressful, but you can imagine doing them with the right support and mindset.  They are probably things that you have been thinking you want to do or feel you “should” do, but can’t seem to make the time.  For now, just write two or three of those steps down.  You are not committing to doing anything now.  You are just brainstorming and recording what some early elements on your path to health could be.  Here are some examples.


To recover from cancer:

1.  Schedule time to look into alternative treatments.

2.  Make appt. to get another opinion from friend’s oncologist.

3.  Organize more child care to free up time to focus on my health.


To lose weight and increase energy:

1.  Learn more about healthy eating/weight loss options.

2.  Find two friends who will walk with me twice a week each.


To heal an old knee injury

1.  Make appt. w/ physical therapist and another orthopedist.

2.  Research treatment options for torn meniscus on internet.

3.  Ask friends for their experiences with healing from knee injuries.


Now, write the possible first two or three steps of your healing path here:






Congratulations!  By writing down your ambitious, inspirational goal and the beginning of a plan to get you there, you have taken a big step towards full health and living the life you were meant to.  Post that ambitious goal somewhere that you will see it often and schedule your first few steps into your calendar for the next week.  You are on your way!


What’s your ambitious goal?  What are your first steps?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear.


To your good health,