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Do You Need a Healing Diet?

Do You Need a Healing Diet?
Virtually all of my coaching clients say something like this in their first session with me: “I eat a Reasonably Healthy Diet.” By that, they usually mean that they eat lots of vegetable and whole grains, and limit red meat, added sugars, and junk food.  That’s great! The truth is, however; that there is [...]

A Business Plan for Your Health

A Business Plan for Your Health
Do you ever completely blow off your commitments  to your supervisor or co-workers for no good reason?  Probably not very often, right?   On the other hand, how often do you make a promise to yourself, like an earlier bedtime, a new exercise routine, or finally making that MD appointment, and then blow [...]

Screw That. There’s Nothing Wrong Wit...

Screw That. There’s Nothing Wrong With You.
A few weeks ago, I read this NY Times opinion piece about how busy working parents really have more time than they think they do.  It was written by a mother of four children under eight years old, who just published a book and travels a great deal for work, as does her husband. [...]

Routines Can Heal Your Heart (and Bod...

Routines Can Heal Your Heart (and Body)
Routines are like mental butlers. Once you have a routine in place, then the mental processes that make the behavior happen take place automatically. — Michael McCullough I recently finished leading one of my six-week online courses. Happily, I achieved one of my personal health goals for the course — to become measurably less anxious. [...]

Sometimes It’s Better to Receiv...

Sometimes It’s Better to Receive than to Give
I have seen over and over again that having a team of people to help with the hard work of healing can mean the difference between a healthy future and years of suffering.   When I see people resist asking for or accepting help, I understand because I struggle with it too, but it [...]

5 Tips to Make Eating Your Veggies a ...

5 Tips to Make Eating Your Veggies a Breeze
We’ve all read the news. We know that experts from the FDA to the Mayo Clinic recommend a diet higher in fruits and vegetables and lower in animal products.  Health leaders like Kaiser Permanent are constantly telling us that  such a diet can help people lose weight; lower their cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar; [...]